Bradley® Classes on the Upper West Side

Sundays beginning 9/11/2016

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time:  6:15-9:00


Tuesdays beginning 9/13/2016 

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 6:15-9:00


Sundays beginning 10/9/2016

no class 11/27

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 2:15-5:00


Wednesdays beginning 10/12/2016

no class 11/23

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 6:15-9:00


Fee: $495 per couple

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or call (347) 512-9550.


What Former Students Say

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Bradley® Classes in NYC

One of our class reunions.

You can do this.  I know you can.  

My Bradley® classes are small and intimate. Couples get to know each other and receive generous individualized attention.  Questions get answered here.  Laughter happens often.  Each class becomes more than just childbirth preparation . . . it ends as a community.  As students become new parents, they connect and call upon each other as resources.  And I am deeply committed to making myself available whenever needed as a resource for you as you complete the childbearing year.  

Couples with a desire to work closely together through the transformative process of giving birth are attracted to natural childbirth and The Bradley Method®.  Classes usually include a mix of couples giving birth in hospitals, birthing centers, and at home.  In class, we learn about what birth really is, and how birth really works. Women and their partners gain a deep understanding of the process of giving birth and strategies for navigating the various possible terrains of labor.

Topics on pregnancy and labor include:

  • physical stages of labor
  • signs and symptoms in labor
  • emotional signposts in labor
  • the anatomy of childbirth
  • how to stay healthy and low risk in pregnancy
  • exercise and nutrition
  • how to find a truly supportive care provider
  • how to be a great coach

 We practice:

  • body positioning for comfort
  • massage
  • preventing and helping with back labor
  • abdominal breathing
  • fear clearing
  • relaxation
  • visualization
  • various labor scenarios and choices
  • labor rehearsals

 We fill in the gaps with:

  • birth stories
  • videos of actual births
  • protocols in students' chosen places of birth
  • birth plans
  • communicating with hospital staff
  • interventions
  • positive cesarean birth
  • epidurals
  • other pain medications
  • newborn procedures
  • the postpartum period
  • lactation & feeding


Everyone joins forces in the Stages of Labor Game

Partners who study Bradley® are the most plugged-in and prepared I have ever seen at a birth.  They are familiar with what to expect and can really support their partners through their labors.  They have confidence and give their partners confidence.  They know she can do it.  They take an active role in the labor and feel like they helped give birth to their babies.  Preparation for partners in The Bradley Method® is unparalleled.


Stages of Labor game

I will share with you everything I know from attending births in every major hospital and birthing center in NYC as well as home births.  I've been just about everywhere. And of course, I'll share what I know from my own personal experience giving birth naturally twice and then breastfeeding those two babies.  Because let's be serious . . . I've never run a marathon, I'm not a yoga teacher, and I eat meat.  But we did it.  My partner and I did it together after taking a Bradley® class and assembling an incredible birth team who supported us.  And I know you can, too.

Read what former students are saying here.

About 85% of my students go on to have unmedicated births.  

About 100% have success with lactation & feeding.

Join us!







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