Bradley® Classes on the Upper West Side

Sundays beginning 9/11/2016

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time:  6:15-9:00


Tuesdays beginning 9/13/2016 

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 6:15-9:00


Sundays beginning 10/9/2016

no class 11/27

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 2:15-5:00


Wednesdays beginning 10/12/2016

no class 11/23

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 6:15-9:00


Fee: $495 per couple

Contact me to REGISTER HERE

or call (347) 512-9550.


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About Tanya Wills

Tanya Wills is a certified Bradley® Instructor, a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Women's Healthcare Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She was drawn to this work after the unexpectedly powerful birth of her son, Milo, in 2008.  Since then, she also gave birth to a daughter, Violet, in 2010.  You can read both of their birth stories here.

Tanya has witnessed incredible strength and believes people giving birth can be empowered in any setting, whether it be hospital, birth center, or home.  A former actor and comedienne, Tanya brings warmth and a sense of humor to her teaching.  She finds deep meaning in the journey she takes with couples. "Before giving birth, my glass was always half empty. But now, raising my children and doing this work, my cup runneth over.  I feel so privileged to be doing this important work!" Tanya is a graduate of the midwifery program at Yale University School of Nursing.



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