Bradley® Classes on the Upper West Side

Sundays beginning 9/11/2016

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time:  6:15-9:00


Tuesdays beginning 9/13/2016 

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 6:15-9:00


Sundays beginning 10/9/2016

no class 11/27

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 2:15-5:00


Wednesdays beginning 10/12/2016

no class 11/23

Teacher: Tanya Wills

Time: 6:15-9:00


Fee: $495 per couple

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or call (347) 512-9550.


What Former Students Say

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"I do not exaggerate in the slightest when I state that taking Tanya’s class was life changing. I was always curious about the idea of a natural birth but never thought I could do it . . . until Tanya came along.

Because her class prepared me so well, I felt a sense of calm and safety during labor that resulted in a beautiful, natural birth.  I had the good fortune of being fully present when I met my son for the first time and an understanding of what my body is truly capable of and meant to do.  However, the birth was only one part of the Tanya story.

When my son was born tongue-tied and breast-feeding became a challenge, Tanya stood by as my cheerleader, supporter, and mentor.  I still find myself asking what would Tanya do? And feel so fortunate that she will always, always answer with incredible, non-judgmental, wise, brilliantly helpful advice.

I wouldn’t be the mother, wife, or person I am today had I not taken her class.  My husband, son and I are forever grateful."

-Jade, mom to Van


"Tanya wasn't just a great teacher to us but much more. She supported us like a rock, with the compassion of a friend." 

-Bhakti and Nandan, mom and dad to Sangamitra


"Before we started the Bradley Method® classes, my husband and I weren't really sure what to expect.  After week 1 we were hooked and taking Tanya's class became the highlight of our week!!  Tanya's Bradley® classes are a wonderful way of bringing together likeminded parents-to-be to pass on her considerable knowledge in a way that is both relaxed and enjoyable.  Those classes taught my husband and I everything that we needed to know, so that when the time came for our baby to arrive, we both felt completely prepared and ready.  

But Tanya's classes are so much more than classes about childbirth!!  I really felt as though she went above and beyond her duty with her lessons each week, and passed on information and advice that has helped shaped me as a mother today.  I credit so much of the joy I'm experiencing in motherhood to Tanya & her amazing classes, from baby-wearing, to co-sleeping and especially the amazing breastfeeding relationship I have with our daughter.  

Not to mention the wonderful friends I have met through those classes - the mummies, daddies & babies we have met through our Bradley® course are some of our best friends today! I can't recommend these classes highly enough and words could never express how thankful I am to Tanya for making our final weeks of pregnancy so special."

-Katy, mom to Bea


"Tanya was BORN to do this! Though I had many birth discussions with her prior to taking her class, Tanya's Bradley® class surprised me with how extremely informative it was.  Not only did Tanya cover all the great Bradley® information, but she also opened up her class to the numerous questions/concerns that so many of the parents had about birth, parenting, etc. Her Bradley® class really put me in a wonderful place for my birth and helped me keep that positive perspective especially when things did not go as planned and I delivered early.  Without this class, I don't think I would have a positive view of my preterm delivery.  I truly feel that Tanya's class shaped more than just my birthing experience--she helped shape me as a mother.  When I'm faced with a decision to make, I often wonder about her perspective and find myself thinking "What would Tanya do?" :)

-Maggie, mom to Finley


"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Bradley® classes with Tanya.  Tanya brings such insight and passion into the classes. We came away feeling informed, prepared and empowered. Tanya is also a wealth of information as it relates to birthing, breastfeeding and babies matters in general.

What sets Tanya apart from just any other teacher is that she deeply cares about what she does. We are amazed at how committed she is to her students and their birthing and postpartum experience. We couldn't have made it through without her."

-Sharon, mom to Jake


"Tanya’s a supportive, enthusiastic fountain of birthing insight and information.  Birthing a baby - especially for the first time - is so fraught in both positive and negative ways.  I truly believe that one of the key ways to stave off the negative is to educate yourself and your partner well - if you know what's coming and how to manage it, you're less likely to be afraid and tense. 

Taking Tanya’s class was the way we did that!  She’s thorough, informative, honest, and importantly, funny.  Our experience ended up being magical, happy, healthy, and as births go, relatively easy. Tanya’s class was a big contributor to that outcome."

-Kara, mom to Rose




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